(Seattle) #IAmTranshuman has come to a tentative agreement to send #IAmTranshuman into space on the side of PlantSat 2.  PlantSat 2 is a biosphere research satellite designed to emulate the Martian Environment at least in part.

PlantSat is a contribution to the ongoing human efforts of exploring, understanding and eventually colonizing Mars. Its goal is to study in low earth orbit the growth of a suitable plant, replicating the conditions that life will experience on Mars’ surface. These conditions include low gravity force and high solar radiation.

Plantsat is a joint project between researcher Matthew Lehmitz (and transhumanist), who is leading the scientific mission, GomSpace, danish company that is kindly providing the satellite platform, University of Chile that is leading the satellite assembly, integration, testing, and the biosphere payload, and Rocket Lab, company that will kindly host the satellite launch on one of their rockets.

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