(2 MAR 2017) Seattle, WA – Amal DT Graffstra CEO of DangeriousThings.com launched a campaign on gofundme to start a ‘Transhumanist Church’.  While this is not a uni-formally supported idea and goes outside of the more academic areas of the movement Amal’s thinking is to help ensure that the rights of transhumanists are not limited.  Quoting his gofundme page:

“Transhumanists, Biohackers, Humans – Welcome.

We believe it is our basic human right to be able to upgrade ourselves, and to develop and leverage the fundamental technologies that enable the next phase of evolution. We believe the future of the human race will not only allow us to opt out of nature’s selective processes and choose our own evolutionary paths, but that our very survival as a species depends on it. These beliefs are the cornerstone of Transhumanism.

So far, transhumanists and biohackers have had the relative luxury of working in the fringe, staying out of the spotlight… but the rise of Transhumanism is upon us. Transhuman projects and ideology are becoming talking points in news media, television programs, and documentaries. General awareness of Transhumanism is growing. Unfortunately, with that exposure, we find our beliefs and our work under threat. Forces are actively attempting to oppress and squelch our human rights and ideological beliefs. Security through obscurity is no longer an option for us or the work we do.

Biohacking & Transhumanism is under threat

Just one example of this can be found here, but there are many others. Of particular concern is a law entitled “Prohibiting Mandatory Implantation of RFID Microchips” which sounds all well and good, but within the text (which has now been enacted in several US states) there are also provisions that make it illegal to even allow employees who want to get an implant to do so. Blocking employers from requiring their employees to get implants is one thing, but blocking employees who want to get a chip from doing so is a direct threat to our right and freedom to augment ourselves.

Technology development and research is core to our fundamental beliefs, yet lawmakers are actively working to destroy both the right to develop and the ability to disseminate any transhumanist technological innovation. There are many examples, and the latest attack comes from Germany.”

Read more here: https://www.gofundme.com/churchoftranshumanism