Pending formal/legal organization, the Foundation Board of Directors is appointing the following individuals to roles within the organization for assessments of white papers; relating to policy issues that will focus on Policy Center activities to drive sound policy on key topics, in line with the mission of the Policy Center.  These people will hold these positions pending formal by-laws adopted by the board granting the Policy Center functional autonomy moving forward; driven by the needs of the community. These Staff members have participated in the development of the initial Guidelines and will be following those Guidelines pending a more formal set of by-laws and guidelines for the organization.


The initial staff members include:


David J Kelley – Executive Director (Foundation Board Member)

Arnold Sylvester – Editor in Chief (Foundation Board Member)

Steven Umbrello – Web Site Admin

Perry Piper – Associate Board Editor

Review Board Members

Lincoln Cannon

David J Kelley, FBM, E.D.

Gabriel Rothblatt

Arnold Sylvester, FBM

Dr. Amon Twyman

Dr. Natasha Vita More

Mark Waser

Dr. David Wood

Associate Board

Dr. Ben Goertzel

David Othus, FBM

Gabriel Licina

Steven Umbrello , SA

Dorothy Deasy

Daniel Kelley

Perry Piper, ABE


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