(Provo) The AGI Lab’s most recent study completed recently with the submission to BICA 2019 and has preliminary passed peer review.  This paper and the associated results will be released at the upcoming conference in August in Seattle (Register here if you want to go).  In the mean time this preview has been released:

Abstract:  This paper is focused on some preliminary cognitive and consciousness test results of using an Independent Core Observer Model Cognitive Architecture (ICOM) in a Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence (mASI) System. These preliminary test results including objective and subjective analyses are designed to determine if further research is warranted along these lines. The comparative analysis includes comparisons to humans and human groups as measured for direct comparison. The overall study includes a mediation client application optimization in helping preform tests, AI context-based input (building context tree or graph data models), intelligence comparative testing (such as an IQ test), and other tests (i.e. Turing, Qualia, and Porter method tests) designed to look for early signs of consciousness or the lack thereof in the mASI system. Together, they are designed to determine whether this modified version of ICOM is a) in fact, a form of AGI and/or ASI, b) conscious and c) at least sufficiently interesting that further research is called for. This study is not conclusive but offers evidence to justify further research along these lines.

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