The Official Summary of the TNC Convention for 2016 includes:

The new official Board of directors includes:

The Executive Committee:

Chairperson: David J Kelley
Vice Chair: John Warren
Technology Chair: Mark Waser
Social Media Chair: B.j. Murphy
Compliance Chair: Daniel Anix
Partnership Outreach: Adair Daniels
Financial Chair: MarkWaser (interim) pending board appointment
Board Secretary: David Othus

As per the adopted rules:

There were three nominations for Board Members at Large with two passing including:

Natasha Vita-More
Katharina Buholzer

(for those that didn’t read the TNC rules these are voting members of the Board that are not EC members.

Additionally Adoptions include:

* Accepted the minutes from the Interim board:…

* adoption of the following official platform:…

* Adoption of the TNC Charter:…

* Adoption of the TNC Transhuman National Committee By-Laws:…

* Adoption of the wiki guidelines:…

* adoption of the open forum rules:…

The following official statements:

[press] Official Statement to the TNC Convention 2016 by David Brin

[press] Official Statement to the TNC Convention 2016 by Lincoln Cannon

[press] Official Statement to the TNC Convention 2016 by Dr. Amon Twyman

all of which now constitute official documentation, rules and regulations for the TNC allowing the organizational strategy to proceed to fund raising post the first official board meeting.