While the Transhuman National Committee (TNC) has been working on the formation and legal structures to provide the TNC with the legal foundation for moving forward as well as the policy and platform development the board has done some research beyond that scope around the current election.

It is the TNC Board opinion that the current state of the election process and the candidates currently in the front running are indicative to the poor state of the American political process. In terms of coalition size the democratic process has been severely undermined creating effectively smaller coalitions and opening the doors to wide spread corruption. Cases in point include gerrymandering (manipulating congressional districts), the electoral college, the use of voting blocks and pork barrel spending. Setting these issues aside, the TNC executive committee believes these are related fact’s that members of the TNC should be aware of.

  1. On a scale of a possible 90 points (10 for each TNC Policy platform choice) the current front runner candidates as well as two others include the following scores:
    1. Trump (R) 2 points of a possible 90.
    2. Clinton (D) 6 points of a possible 90.
    3. Johnson (L) 4 points of a possible 90.
    4. Istvan (t) 90 points of a possible 90.

This indicates that none of the current front runner candidates, based on current data, are even vaguely close to being openly supportive of the TNC Platform for 2016.

  1. The likely hood of corruption is very high in Trump and Clinton based on organizational coalition sizes that they have previously been connected to. Johnson is only moderately less risky in terms of possible corruption.
  2. The TNC is very much interested in driving a community approach to voting on and approving candidates as a body of the membership. Since that has not been done the TNC cannot endorse any candidate.
  3. Addressing Zoltan Istvan as a candidate for the Transhumanist Party. The TNC cannot endorse or support Zoltan on the basis of the aforementioned third point of this finding of fact. However the following items have been researched and are accurate.
    1. Zoltan Istvan is legitimately registered as a candidate for president of the United States.
    2. Zoltan Istvan created a legal entity to represent his party that is not in violation of the law given the amount of money and resource currently present in his organization.
    3. Zoltan has not done anything legally wrong around his campaign or in any way that we are aware of based on the evidence.

It is important to note that the executive committee has validated this information with the FEC and legal consultants. While his ‘party’ is not a legal 527 or organized at a state level given the resources involved Zoltan is legally within his rights currently.

As to how Zoltan has run his campaign or the perceptions of individuals in the community it is not for the TNC to judge given that we cannot endorse anyone w/o a public debate and party convention as per the TNC regulations.


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