The TNC Convention is a virtual streaming convention that will decide who is on the executive committee, who is on the board and what the platform that the TNC will use as the basis for lobby efforts and other political action by the TNC.  This convention will be the basis for driving a political transhumanist agenda in DC.

Register for the live event here:

If you want to run for office send email to (please provide these by 02/25/02016AD)

Please including your name, a paragraph about your self and about why people should vote for you.

If you want a policy item on the agenda please also contact us along with your proposal, name and contact details.  Executive Committee Roles up for nominations include Chairperson, Vice Chair, Technology Chair, Social Media Chair, Partner Outreach Chair, Finance Chair, Complaince Chair, and Board Secratary.

You will need to register on the TNC Member site here:

The event will be streaming via youtube and voting will be powered by UNU

Learn more here: