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Transhumanists unite to help Uganda AIDS Orphans via chicken farm

Transhumanist organizations and writers are collaborating with religious and humanitarian groups to feed, educate and make self-sufficient twenty children at a “boarding school” (orphanage) in Jinja, the second-largest city in Uganda. The school is called “COISER” (Community Intiative for Self… Continue Reading →

The Impact of Mobile Money in Africa

The success of Mobile Money Services (MMS) has led many Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) around the world to venture into offering similar products, thus making revenue streams within the mobile environment incredibly competitive. In Africa, the dwindling revenues in the… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Social Safety Nets on the African Continent

Social safety nets are on the rise in Africa, and continue to evolve from scattered stand-alone programs into dependable safety net systems. Until recently, many African countries approached social protection on a largely ad hoc basis. However, when the global… Continue Reading →

“We Can Hear You Now!” – 12 Ways Cell Phones Accelerate Africa

Africa is Rising! Technology, like cell phones, is aiding Africa’s fantastic leap forward. But are the poorest of the poor left behind? Africa is often demeaned as the “Lost” or “Hopeless” continent due to 1st World Afro-pessimism that’s gorges itself… Continue Reading →

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