In an effort to drive community collaboration to decide what the transhumanist party in the United States stands for, there is a new Transhumanist National Committee forming. One of the goals is: as a community, develop a viable strategy for moving forward as a party, through the Transhuman National Committee of the Transhumanist Party in the United States. The new organization is seeking as many people as possible to participate in helping represent local groups in the formation and creation of a governing body and a new system for affecting change in politics. As a starting place, the Transhumanist Declaration is the basis for the belief? in the Transhumanist ideology and we hope to build it out to be a platform everyone can support.

Check out the new web site (still basic, its a work in progress):

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and in case you have not seen this, check out this great video on the Transhumanist Declaration:

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