Space is an absolute dream for many of us. Very few countries have a Space program. In the countries that do, very few people ever become astronauts or cosmonauts. Those who do become astronauts, few get the opportunity to go to Space.

Observing planet Earth from Space is a life-changing experience, to say the least – as reported by the few people who have had the privilege of leaving Earth for Space. The main reason we don’t have more people going to Space, aside from the danger involved, is the “astronomically high” cost involved in Space programs.

Virtual Reality can provide so much for people in terms of experiencing Space, education of our solar system, galaxy and beyond, as well as informing people on the current state of Space technology. VR is the only medium that can give people the experience of being there in Space, and at a much more affordable cost.

Space exploration is perhaps one of the noblest applications for Virtual Reality. We just need to build content that people can enjoy. And NASA has done their part in supporting us. Now it is our turn to do our job in building VR apps for Space. Join our VR Jam and come do the ultimate in VR: for NASA and the benefit of all humanity.

Sunday, April 17th 2016 in Seattle

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