This week we dive into the troublesome, urgent, and under-discussed issue of space ethics with planetary scientist and artist Divya M. Persaud. Can we transcend the traumatic conflict and exploitation that characterize human history, come together in compassionate mutual understanding and respectful discourse, and leave our children with better and more interesting problems? Or are we doomed to transmit the legacy of violence we inherited into fractured futures even more disparate, tragic, and unequal than our own time? A deep dive into the real stakes of space, and a preliminary exposition of the ethical discussions we will need to get there…

Divya’s Website:

Selected Writings:

Intro Music: Evan “Skytree” Snyder feat. Michael Garfield, “God Detector”

Outro Music: Divya M. Persaud, “Orogenesis” for Voice, Violin, Saxophone, and Piano`

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