This week is something different: author-read audio of the first four essays from my ongoing book-in-progress, How to Live in The Future.

These essays are the first in my feature-length interrogation of the insufficient ways we think about the future…a poetic exploration of the fruitful interface between psychedelic mysticism, evolutionary theory, and critical futurism. If you want more along these lines, check out Future Fossils Episode 129 for the Boom Festival 2016 talk that started it all…

You can read these pieces — rich with explanatory hyperlinks and graphics — at the links below:

Part 1: The Future is A Place

Part 2: The Future is More of Everything

Part 3: The Future is Both True and False

Part 4: The Future is Exapted/Remixed

Musical interludes from my 2017 live album, Pavo: Music for Mystery, recorded live on tour across Australia.

Episode cover art by Collin Elder, whose paintings feel to me like the fine art approximation of what I am trying to communicate in words. Follow him on Instagram.

Later essays in this series, which I’ll likely read in a fall episode:

Part 6: The Future is Disgusting

Part 7: The Future Acts Like You

Part 8: The Future is Indistinguishable from Magic

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