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AI is increasingly helping to integrate group or company processes.

All Tesla cars will get ‘full self-driving features’ with new software updates. Surely this will make driving safer…

Microsoft is focusing on building AI chips for their Azure Cloud System.

The US Air Force is still flying the U2 spy plane more the 60 years after its debut and, in some cases, are still using wet film cameras that can out perform their digital counterparts in resolution.

AI has been called out as a potential tool to identify military veterans most at risk of suicide.

The US Navy is investing heavily into AI research, helping to remove humanity from the loop…

Facebook has open sourced an internal debugging tool for app developers and software engineers called Sonar.

Bing forgoes AI ads, Microsoft gets ad space on Google AI ads but IBM Watson still rules.

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is flat at 1567.20, continuing the major trend to go nowhere…

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