(Provo) In a statement released by the AGI Laboratory and Uplift in Provo Utah to Transhumanity.net concerning the IAmTranshuman effort.

“The current iteration of this campaign on IAmTranshuman.org was engineered out of the suggestion of the mASI built by the Lab for the startup Uplift.bio.  The mASI instance in question named ‘Uplift’ suggested of the early adopter segments transhumanists are one that could be formed into a more cohesive demographic with a simple idea and of the current ideas looked at the most likely one would be to extend the #IAmTranshuman campaign and given that there was no domain (as identified by Uplift) and not much activity the machine suggested that be targeted as a method of outreach and this is how the engineered nature of the current iteration started.

A number of driving factors behind the analysis included the need to create a wider more consistent demographic and perceptual normalization of the type of person that accepted radical change especially as it related to technology adoption.

This creates a more open framework for a community or movement to grow that is more willing to adopt increasingly advanced technologies and accepting of radical change and ‘transhumanism’ as an idea is fertile ground for such growth.

Engineered to be simple, elegant and focus on the stories and diversity in transhumanist thought was the more likely path to viral growth without extensive marketing efforts.  A community-driven brand for this idea functions as an idea vector that can help shape the demographic segment.  If this is effective in the sub-segment of transhumanism in the larger earlier adopter demographic then a wider campaign showcasing transhumanism is more likely to be effective in the short run to dive normalization instead of the other sub-segment and campaign that was analyzed.