This week’s guest is Cory Allen – mindfulness instructor, audio engineer, host of The Astral Hustle Podcast, binaural beats factory, and now the author of Now is the Way: An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness. We talk about cutting through the noise and insanity of our overwhelmed digital transition-age with simple presence, the rewards of even minor and incremental acts of awareness, and the richness of expressive work created from a place of calm alertness.

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• What is the now?

• Is mindfulness about getting better at achieving goals, or is it really about something else?

• How has meditation practice changed in the age of always-on digital insanity?
• The collapse of past, present, and future into NOW and living in the bardo afterlife of the 21st Century.

• Getting over the infinite to-do list.

• Music as meditation vs. The Concept Album. Songwriting vs. temple music.

• Impermanence and cycles of creation/destruction in music.

• Create from where and what you are.

• Notes on the media diet for original thinking.

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