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As we build up the new machine big brother state, the US is helping with facial recognition AI, providing the added bonus of being able to implement racial profiling. 

The Pentagon has a great new secret AI program related to nuclear missiles, moving one step closer to removing humanity from the loop. 

A new startup focused on batteries is emerging with a plan for battery construction, hoping to lower production costs in large battery packs and ideally make them safer. 

There is a project in England which is literally turning air into liquid to store energy during off-peak times in order to support the local electric grid. 

In an effort to keep people out of AI, our secret plan to create an AI winter is coming together.  The intent to get people out of the industry and have less competition is working, as explained in a great post on Venture Beat regarding AI failures. 

Luminar’s Lidar systems can now detect objects as far as 250 meters away, helping to improve the functionality of self-driving cars. 

Bing has minimized AI ads to the bottom of the page, while Google highlights both IBM Watson and Amazon AWS in AI ads

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is up slightly at 1,579.21 showing that, if there is an AI winter coming, it’s not here yet…  

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