The Foundation,, The Transhuman House, ZS and more… what is in store for 2019?  It will all be part of the plan…

The past year has had a lot of ups and downs.  From the success of the AI research at the AGI Laboratory, or the opening and building out of the Transhuman House 2.0, to the Foundation Retreat, a lot has happened this last year.  It will be an interesting ride to see what happens this coming year.

I hope one theme that I’ve embraced in life the past year will follow me through the next and that is the archetype “the Architect” and how that will apply to a cohesive plan for the year.  My career in many ways has been built on being a software architect, a network architect, an enterprise architect, a data architect and a solution architect etc.  I’ve been CTO, Chief Software Architect and a professional speaker and author as an ‘architect’ in the developer space etc. etc.    So… this coming year I plan to ‘architect’ my way through it.

So if I’m going to architect my way through the next year built on the plans and actions of the past few decades let’s start with the vision… in Software Engineering I like to use this idea of the 4 ‘D’s… Define, Design, Develop, Deliver… a variation on a theme of an SDLC (software development life cycle methodology or project management methodology etc.) and a way for me to frame pretty much everything in my life.

Admittedly there is a grander vision we are working towards but that is not important in such a short time frame… this exercise in engineering ‘my’ future for 2019 transhumanist projects will focus on short-term, midterm or incrementally on elements of the vision for the Foundation for what to do next with the Transhuman House, Retreats,, the technocracy, the AGI research, etc.… so we can continue to engineer our future.

Vision (Define)

There are many reasons that drive this, it comes down to wanting the ethics and the 80% rule, all of our projects need to be focused on things that positively affect 80% of humanity in the long run.  A more granular vision than that would be to see the Transhuman House and the associated Foundation Library be more financially sound with greater educational impact.  For it is about supporting content creators of good Transhumanist content including Future Fossils, Singularity.FM, the Technocracy and the like.  For the Foundation and the AGI Research its really about getting the mASI research project across the finish line and to distill a public vision for The Foundation.


This really needs to be broken down into key goal areas or functional areas.

One, ‘AGI Research’… for anyone following the AGI lab’s research the past few years and the recent papers that are in progress you know it’s been focused on the ICOM Cognitive Architecture (see ) and in particular, this research culminating in the mASI research program.  There have been 7 papers related to just framing this research program and some of those are peer-reviewed already and only 2 that are not yet submitted.  The big issue is getting the mASI research client software ready, and we hope that will be finished shortly, for the preliminary study to be summarized in the paper we submit to BICA 2019 which we are hosting as well.

Two, ‘The Foundation’… in 2018 we had another retreat and numerous other tasks around the Transhuman House and a new vision.  For 2019 I hope to help the organization bake out a published philosophy and move the Foundation projects forward, including fully automating the Technocracy and educational programs around the Transhuman House and helping to make that financially sound.  Without relying on the AGI Lab income we are really looking for residents initially, public funding, and grants or investments.  To that end planning in Q1 for requests and the like needs to include each element of that, from getting that info out there to implementing completed plans that can be presented, to angles or even VC’s if a reasonable plan is produced.  All of this detailed planning is scheduled to be reviewed in February, so we only have about 5 weeks to make sure that is complete.  Along those lines, another retreat and events around BICA are planned where we will privately meet to evaluate the execution of things over the year to that point.


That really gets to the crux of the issue and the developing and execution of the plan is in progress.  If you are interested in helping… Please let us know but this will be what I’m doing starting today…