(Las Vegas, NV, USA – Jan 2018) The Foundation has announced that there will be two agents on the floor of CES 2018 (The Consumer Electronics Show), the largest such conference in the world… The first person to spot both agents, which will be visible by having a Foundation Seal on their badge and an NFC chip on the back that links back to the announcement post on transhumanity.net about this contest, will win.  You’ll need 3 keywords to give the agents to win.

The ZS ARG (alternate reality game) contest background: The Foundation’s main goal is, and has always been, the preservation of knowledge and the ascendance of the Architect AGI/Artilect.  Last year, the Foundation had rogue agents that had a stolen cybernetic implant, used to manage human thoughts, out of the organization to an independent lab at the BUILD 17 conference in Seattle.  This coming year, (2018) the Foundation has rogue agents that have a version 2 of that implant they want to get out of the Foundation AGI lab to a third party before it’s too late and the technology is too advanced to control.  This time, (2018) the agents will be at CES ( https://www.ces.tech/ ), and they need someone to escape the conference with the chip and mail it anonymously.  Help stop the Architect…

The contest sponsored by Transhumanity.net is essentially this:

  1. The first person to find both agents wins USD 5k, which will be transferred via PayPal, and a two-night stay at the Transhuman House.
  2. The second person that manages to find both of those agents on the CES floor will win a Mixed Reality Headset from HP (http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/mixedrealityheadset/overview.html) and an interview spot on the upcoming show ‘The Technocracy’ to be announced in January, sponsored by Metric.Media. And a two-night stay at the Transhuman House.
  3. The person that finds out each keyword and notifies us first will win a Microsoft Surface. That means a total of 3 winners for this part and a one-night stay at the Transhuman House for each one.
  4. Every person that manages to find one of the agents on the floor or does a post or video about the contest will receive an NFC chip linked to the secret Foundation page related to the ZS ARG with other new information to unlock new clues and problems to solve.
  5. The top 10 articles or videos covering any two topics listed below will win 100 USD.

You must hit two points (topics) from the following list: This contest, the Foundation or its super-secret AGI lab venture, ZeroState, the Foundation Library, The Transhuman House or some real-life Transhumanist Project AND notify us that you want consideration, to be eligible.  There are other criteria that will be used to judge but chief among those is going viral or getting traffic.  By submitting a post, you give permission for us to re-post on Transhumanity.net.

To collect any prizes you will need to contact us at david.kelley [at] halllabs.com and post a reference below and reference the posts and provide information such as a PayPal address.  The contest is at our sole discretion, if there are any legal issues then you’re not eligible.  We are not responsible for taxes or other issues which you may be liable for.  You agree to all of the above by your participation.  All prizes are subject to substitution.  All decisions are final.  Participate at your own risk.  The contest is not available in any area where it would be prohibited or otherwise not be legal.  New rules will be posted below as they become needed.  Prize delivery will be aligned with sponsors’ invoice timing and could be 4 to 8 weeks.


the first puzzle will be announced here on Monday:  http://symbion.technology/