Whereas the human race as a species has evolved and gained the capacity to control our own evolution through the use of technology we find it necessary to ordain and establish this Charter of Transhuman Rights. In order to continue our evolution into a more actualized species, we reserve certain fundamental rights. Those rights include the freedom to develop and take advantage of advanced technologies in order to be free of suffering, poverty, death and disease. Along with these rights we maintain the universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.


1. The Right to Health

All humans have the right to be free of disease and attain optimal health. Where technology exists to correct defective genetic and infectious diseases, we reserve the right to utilize those technologies to work toward greater health and well being.

2. The Right to Longevity

Death is a result of the deterioration of organic processes. As technologies and sciences advance we reserve the right to eliminate the causes of death and deterioration and establish indefinite lifespans.

3. The Right to Reproductive Freedom

Since the advent of civilization human sexuality and reproduction have been deeply rooted in personal, cultural and religious beliefs, ethics and attitudes. Even as reproductive and neonatal technologies have evolved, reproduction has continued to be complicated for couples and individuals for various reasons of medical, personal and sexual origin. As reproductive technologies evolve we reserve the right to raising a fetus outside the human body in an artificial womb with the same care as children are nurtured within and born from a human womb.

4. The Right to Enhance Performance

Human performance is the result of millennia of evolution. The human neuromuscular, skeletal, circulatory and respiratory systems are wonderful organic structures but can be dramatically improved with the careful application of various technologies. Where the technology exists we reserve the right to enhance and modify these organic structures.

5. The Right to Enhance Intelligence

The human brain and nervous system has evolved into a complex organ system that in many ways defines our humanity. Human brains are composed of unique structural, electrical and chemical constituents with distinct limitations and capacities. As related sciences and technologies continue to develop we reserve the right to utilize these resources to make improvements in these constituents to improve our capacities and intelligence.

6. The Right to Evolve

Whereas humanity has evolved from primitive ancestors to our current state of physical, cultural, ecological and spiritual being, we do not see our current condition as and end state or final destination. We envision that humans will continue to merge with technology and that the division between natural and artificial will eventually disappear. While some will maintain the right to continue as humans with an expanded and growing range of available options others will exercise the fundamental right to grow into new forms of intelligence far beyond the human domain.


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