“A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having. If there won’t be dancing at the revolution, I’m not coming.”
– Emma Goldman

Strap in for what might be the best Future Fossils episode yet: a four-way with guests Tada Hozumi and Dare Sohei of the Ritual as Justice School and guest co-host Naomi Most, in which we discuss how trauma manifests in posture and social interactions, how cultures are bodies we participate in, how the individual does not exist as we were taught, how interpersonal and sociopolitical dynamics shape and are shaped by their histories, how creative practice and ritual serve to regulate inherited wounds and ameliorate unresolved conflicts, and so much more I can’t even bother to get into it here. A truly profound, far-reaching, incompressible conversation you might want to queue up twice to be sure that you catch it all…

“We’re bringing our families with us whenever we walk into a situation and to think that we’re individuals is missing the point.”
– Dare Sohei

Ritual as Justice School: ritualasjustice.school

Tada Hozumi: selfishactivist.com

Dare Sohei: bodyaltar.org

Naomi Most: twitter.com/nthmost + medium.com/@nthmost

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Theme Music:
“God Detector” by Evan “Skytree” Snyder (feat. Michael Garfield)

Episode Cover Art:
“Going Home” by Michael Garfield (dedicated to Sara la Kali, the Black Madonna)

Read Tada Hozumi’s essay, “A Funk Lesson: If life is a dance, violence is a choreography, but so is justice

Read Tada Hozumi’s essay, “The Cultural Somatic Paradox” (incl. image below)