One of the big dangers of the ever increasing ideological divide in the United States is that transhumanist’s will be targeted and discriminated against.  Being targeted over ones children because of being a transhumanists is a rights issue that is fundamental to the Transhumanist Nation Committee (TNC).  Along those lines recently several people said this guy Rich Lee is a good guy and needs help.  My personal friend Gabriel (popular bio hacker) knows Rich and given his endorsement I decided that as Chairmen of the TNC that I ask the community of transhumanists regardless of the underlying flavor to help Rich. Rich needs to raise just over 6 thousand dollars and if we each just give a little, we can help prevent discrimination and in this case prevent Rich from loosing his kids.

Please, anything helps. 

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Rich’s Story:

My name is Rich Lee. In 2008 I found my passion in life: using technology to augment the human experience. This passion borrows from many areas like biohacking, grinding, transhumanism, body modification, electronics, neurology, cybernetics, and more. In 2013 I had implants installed in my ears as part of a series of cyborg audio experiments which allowed me to hear heat, detect distant footsteps, and many other cool things. Some people think it is strange and that’s ok. I’ve had the opportunity to speak on the topic internationally, I’ve been on TV shows, and done many interviews. My kids (age 9 & 12) love it. They were always excited to introduce their friends to their cyborg dad.

I got divorced in 2015 and have shared a one week custody rotation with my ex since the divorce was finalized. I’ve tried staying on good terms with her, employing the “gray rock” strategy whenever possible. I bought our marital home and spent a lot of money to make it nice for the kids and so they could continue to live in a familiar setting. Being a single income household in a town with the second lowest wages in the nation is tough, and I’ve struggled to make ends meet. Despite that, we were happy.

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