At the upcoming EFTF being used to raise funds for the TNC and creating a transhuman political lobby in DC we are adding a new feature to the EFTF even that includes creating a book. So that means EFTF Attendee’s will become named authors of the Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Journal (2016 edition)
Imagine a book that predicts the future of technology that evolves with time, trends with unprecedented accuracy designed for technologies, futurists and other analyst.
The compilation will come out each year.
Contributors will get a copy each year they participate where other’s will have to purchase them. All Contributors are named and contribute by attending the various Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Conferences where everyone will be contributing to activities we will do during the conference as part of the agenda including the technology forecasting exercise based on the Futures Squares methodology, study group role playing simulations and workshops based on techniques done with DARPA and the US Military and government but this time open to the public w/o government or other oversight skewing results.
Other sections will be briefs submitted and Singularity Index analysis based on the research program measuring stock related to core AGI related corporate investments. All of this formatted in a way to help people look at the key trends and likely outcomes. Everyone will be named directly. The TNC will use it as a key tool is Transhumanist sound policy lobbying and companies will use it predict viable investment and research programs and more.
Come predict the future…
Attend the EFTF in San Francisco, submit white papers and analysis and help light the way.