Happy holidays! This week’s guest Tricia Eastman helps people find the holiness in every day by facilitating legal ceremonies in which ordinary membranes in between the different areas of thought and non-thought relax, and new or somehow ancient greater selves emerge appear whatever.

It’s a solid conversation with a fascinating person doing very crucial work. I hope you get as much from this dense hour of passage, insight, integration…

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We Discuss:

How she became a plant medicine practitioner through the festival psychedelic harm reduction underground

Leaving a husband, four houses, and all of her possessions to be of service to humanity

Overcoming her severe, debilitating eating disorders with ibogaine, ayahuasca, and 5-MeO DMT

How to smuggle the sacred into the global shopping mall

Reviving the ecstatic mystery schools and other lost spiritual traditions

Coping with the aftermath of collectively “waking up in a burning house” as we make last-minute moves to steer the planet out of further catastrophe

“A lot of the decisions that we make are based on false structures of safety, things that make you FEEL safe – like locking your door. Does locking your door really actually make you safe? If someone wants to get into your house, they’re going to get into your house. The truth is, we are all walking around with a lot of trauma. And if we can understand that that is actually an aspect of us, that it is NOT us, then we can get into a space where we can start interacting in a more peaceful way.”

Bringing back the rites of passage

Moving as a culture into responsibility for the decisions that we make

Growing up in a Christian family while experiencing “entities”

“I was like, ‘If I drink this bottle of wine, this ghost cannot f-ck with me.’ Until I started understanding was that all they wanted was to be shown to the light.”

Metamodernist science takes on the psychedelic Other(s)

A psychedelic facilitator’s advice on how to behave with ghosts

The gods and spirits as messages from the somatic unconscious
Integrating indigenous practices into the modern world

Replacing hierarchical teacher-student models with networked and facilitated group learning models

“We are the medicine. We don’t necessarily need to take medicine.”

How do we come up with something better for a world of proliferating trauma than “Accredited Facilitator from Iboga University”?

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The Zendo Project

Plant Spirit Healing

Café Gratitude


Rick Doblin & MAPS

Burning Man

Philip K Dick

Blue avians

Rudolf Steiner

Carl Jung

Terence McKenna

Richard Rudd * Gene Keys