Android Jones is one of the world’s hottest digital artists – even if it’s kind of a mistake to label him this way and limit his creative action to the digital. A master portraitist, designer, and explorer of new tools, Android made concept art for video games in his early years before becoming the creative consultant for the best-in-class Corel Painter software, touring the world while doing live visuals for huge musical acts, collaborating on epic dome projection shows, and ultimately pioneering the possibilities of VR with his latest project, Microdose. But arguably his most vital and illuminating evolutionary edge as an artist has been with his two children, learning to raise the next generation of curious and creative minds. This week on Future Fossils, I sit down for a three-year-overdue discussion with one of the most objectively inspiring people I can call a friend – to talk about our hopes and our concerns for Those Who Come Next, and what being a creative parent means in our Age of Transition.

We Discuss:

  • Electromineralism & medium as material agent lending its qualities to your identity
  • Tools as extensions of the body, and the most modern tools we have are still so ancient
  • Reimagining truths that have real legs on them, not praising absolute truths
  • Finite & Infinite Games by James P. Carse
  • Being a part of the six thousand year plus art history conversation that we have
  • Drilling down to making deeper and more universally relevant art to “provide a greater reflective surface” for viewers
  • Visionary Art, (a different take on)
  • What psychology teaches about making (real) art *for* people
  • How fatherhood changed his art and life and everything
  • Making art with kids – both digital and analog media – and how the forms differ as learning experiences
  • What VR has that other media do not, and Android’s first breakthrough moment in Microdose VR
  • When Android met Robert Venosa at Art Hardware in Boulder at age 16
  • There are too many things to learn
  • The future of visual performance is WHAT? (!!!)
  • Going Icarus to Daedalus
  • Apprenticeship
  • The transformative potentials of VR as biofeedback
  • What scares Android Jones?
  • What comes next?

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