This week is a watershed moment for Future Fossils Podcast: the show’s first guest host! My friend Kevin Arthur Wohlmut is an engineer who creates occasional one-shot podcasts of fiction and nonfiction, and (according to him) worries about the future too much. We met at InterPlanetary Festival last year on the visit that inspired me to move to Santa Fe, and ever since we’ve had a rich correspondence of mutual far-future fiction recommendations and armchair philosophy chats.

Kevin sent me his very cool readings of two essays with the same name, each portraying very different version of “The Next Ten Billion Years,” and both so provocative I felt like sharing them here on the show’s main feed – with my own commentary at the end, on blind spots in imagining deep time and our own psychedelically weird future.

You can find Kevin active in the Future Fossils discussion groups at Facebook and Patreon.

Professor Ugo Bardi blogs at and You can read his essay here.

John Michael Greer posts longer works at and shorter works at You can read his essay here.

Outro reading excerpted from Michael Garfield’s “How to Live in the Future Part 2: The Future is More of Everything.”

Cover Artwork by evolutionary robotics researcher Andrew Lincoln Nelson.

Theme Music: “God Detector” by Evan “Skytree” Snyder (feat. Michael Garfield)

Additional Music: “On Higher Ground” by Michael Garfield

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