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Given the difficulty with driverless ground-based Ubers, Uber wants to try a driverless flying Uber… because that is totally safer… probably… maybe…

Some people seem to be confused over whether the ethical requirement to help others should include cloning human organs and growing them in farms, as if that is somehow bad?  You know… we might help people… and extend lives… and we wouldn’t want that…

Seems some senator is surprised that there is a way to track any phone in the country if we pinky promise we have permission?  Apparently, he does not realize big brother has been in charge for some time.

The future of hiring is now in the hands of AI; helping ensure the transition of AI into almost all jobs.

In a confused attempt to compete with Google’s indoor mapping service, a small no-name startup is hoping that we don’t want big brother having detailed indoor maps of our spaces…

Governments are scrambling, behind the scenes, to create as many crimes as possible… attempting to crush cryptocurrencies before they lose control, as these technologies remove their ability to manipulate their own economies and remove their ability to subject the people. (paywall)

In a flash of brilliance, the Wall Street Journal has realized that smartphones are not going away anytime soon.  Duh… (paywall)

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is trending up at 1013.54, keeping up a massive streak climbing up for more than one day.

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