Eradicating Poverty – worldwide – needs to be on the Transhumanist To-Do List.

We need to utilize new technology and new ideas to alleviate the hunger, disease, malnutrition, and despair that are caused by poverty. We need to be philanthropic, charitable, generous. We need to be expert fundraisers – like Robin Hood – obtaining money from the haves to distribute to the have-nots.

We also need to devise new economic and political systems that can take care of all the humans that are presently excluded.

Transhumanism is often regarded by outsiders as selfish, self-absorbed with enhancements and life extension. Atheism is often regarded as “negative.” To alleviate this (legitimate, IMO) observation and complaint, transhumanists and atheists should focus a bit on ending starvation, ending homelessness, ending war, establishing equitable wealth distribution, and guaranteeing affordable education and health care for all.

To introduce the topic with humor, I have selected a few of my favorite memes that address poverty.

Let me know your favorites, and please send me more if you wish.

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