(London, UK; Provo, Ut) Earlier today a Provo, Utah based company announced they have brought on prominent futurist Dr. M. Amon Twyman as part of their media strategy.  From there website:

“One of the key goals this coming year for Metric Media is about metrics related to content.  Using Machine learning, AI and Metrics especially around ’emotional’ data and our own content and in terms of helping others with similar strategies is important enough that we brought on some additional help with sociologist Dr. M. Amon Twyman who is helping with that strategy.  Dr. Twyman brings with him a long history of being a prominent futurist and researcher from London, UK.

As Metric.Media evolves from locally providing touch experiences in consumer-facing spaces and metric’s from digital advertising it has become increasingly important to provide better content on those screens.  In 2018 Metric.Media really about does touch and consumer-facing metric collecting screens as a platform so smaller firms can use say just our AI camera software on their own screens or order hardware and manage it themselves.  But a strong platform requires strong content when that is the focus on that platform and that is why we brought in Dr. Twyman.  We are excited to see where that goes as we plan our strategy for 2018.”

Full disclosure, I’m managing that team Dr. Twyman is helping in my day job and really looking forward to what we can do at Metric… a lot of exciting things coming…