(Provo, UT) Along with the new show “The Technocracy” and an effort to encourage more and better high-quality content related to Transhumanism, Transhumanity.net has decided to sponsor Gray Scott’s new now Futuristic Now.  The media quality is high and certainly related to our core mission and we really want to see more good content like this alongside our upcoming show “The Technocracy”.  Check out Grey’s show here on Patreon.


more about the show:


FUTURISTIC NOW is a new weekly digital-philosophy web series by futurist and philosopher Gray Scott.
Each week Gray will cover relevant future related topics including:
Techno-Philosophy, robotics, AI, basic income, conversational computing, sexbots, mixed reality (VR and AR), wearable technologies, the singularity, digital consciousness, mind-to-machine
technologies ( Brain-Computer-Interface, and EEG ) and much more.

Gray Scott is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of emerging technology and a Visionary Futurist Board member of The World Future Society. ”

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