Although the Oculus Rift, the most greatly anticipated virtuality headset still seems many months away from releasing to consumers, there’s no stopping startups from innovating the VR experience by creating new products that are making the experience seem all more real. One such product is called Gloveone by NeuroDigital Technologies, a digital technologies company that creates physical, visual, and cognitive rehabilitation technologies and specializes in extended virtual reality experiences (oh, and they are based in Spain too). Whew! That was a lot to type! What’s great about these gloves is that users will be able to sense and interact with virtual objects both on screen and through VR glasses like Oculus Rift.

Gloveone has a campaign on Kickstarter for that ends on July 9 and the early bird rewards tier is all gone. However, the Gloveone is being offered for pledges of $199 or more (which is a little pricey but certainly seems neat). The campaign has raised nearly $74k so far and falls just short of its goal of $150k. If you love VR and futurism you will love this campaign video. It’s an epic video for a glove that allows you to touch objects in a virtual space, but who doesn’t love epic futuristic videos? Let’s watch…

Technology Of Gloveone

The Gloveone is a haptic feedback wireless device that allows you to feel and touch everything on your screen or virtual reality headset. The ability to feel makes virtual reality seem truly real. This type of technology will have many applications in areas like education and training, therapy and rehabilitation, and much more.

So, how does Gloveone work? Each glove equipped with an array of sensors that connect to a processing board and features both USB and Bluetooth technology. Using algorithms and data, the company created natural and realistic feelings that can differentiate between the push of a spaceship control button or the weight of a basketball.

Gloveone technology in deep from NeuroDigital Technologies on Vimeo.

Developers will enjoy the GloveoneVR Developer website that allows access to the Release Candidate API, Docs, Runtime, and SDK and also there is a Gloveone Manager for Windows where users are able to pair, configure, and test their Gloveones. These gloves are currently only Windows ready but compatibility for Linux and OS X are expected to arrive sometime after the campaign’s success. NeuroDigital Technologies mentions in the above video how they want developers to share feedback on how they can improve their SDK and more.

Future Implications Of Gloveone

Being able to touch and feel objects and spaces will only create a more realistic VR experience and once we are able to truly master feeling in a digital space, we will never look back. Everything around us will become digitized very rapidly, from VR shops that mimic our favorite stores with real objects we can touch, try on, and purchase to simulations of intimate experiences. We will be learning and experiencing places and events in a digital space that will feel as real as our own reality. This is where we’re headed and we can consider haptic feedback gloves like the Gloveone to become only more affordable, comfortable, stylish, and realistic.

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