From the Immortalist Club another great issues of Immortalist Magazine is out:

“It is predicted that a pandemic of psychological and societal injuries is to come as we face financial and emotional crises across the globe.


For the first time since the Great Depression, both advanced and developing economies are in a recession. People are anxious, confused, and demand justice to protect individual liberties, our livelihood, and for many, simply the right to live.


People are rightly outraged by the uncertainty of COVID-19, the lockdown, and the injustices perpetrated by those abusing power. No crime, however, justifies the burning and looting of private property as this threatens the lives of innocent people by putting in risk the very communities we are protesting for.


Crises, whether due to natural disasters or human ignorance and incompetence, are part of life. It is our attitude towards life, individual responsibility and ability to recover from unwanted situations that give us actual power to not just effectively demand justice, but become the change we seek by living by example.


How do we nurture mental toughness, a thick skin, and a compassionate heart? ”


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