From issue No. 8’s Letter from the editor:

Should attaining super-intelligence be humanity’s number one priority?

Technological species, like the human race, depend, after all, solely on intelligence to put in place the systems that have allowed us to adapt to not just life, but also to the demands of civilization and contemporary living.

In other words, without intelligence, humans are less likely to realize the best ways to live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Intelligence allows humans to not just survive, but also thrive.

So what is intelligence and is the pursuit for greater intelligence justifiable?

Could advances in artificial intelligence and bio and nanotechnologies be safely used to assist humanity in becoming a wiser and more responsible species?

In this introductory issue on the subject of intelligence of Immortalists Magazine, I curated a collection of groundbreaking articles by world-leading thinkers, including co-founder of the Transhumanist movement, highly esteemed thinker and visionary Dr. Natasha Vita-More. Please read “Wisdom Through Meta-Knowledge: Realistic Applications of AGI and Metabrain Neural Nets” (pg. 94). In this fascinating article, Natasha challenges our minds and invite us to explore a not so distant future of ubiquitous use of brain-computer interfaces, bio, and nano-technologies to improve our mind and body through the conscious re-design of the human form. Natasha’s vision of complete agency over one’s evolution is one that leverages the power of not just unlimited knowledge but fearless imagination. …”

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