This issue starts with “Editor’s Letter to Justice” by Dinorah Delfin

“Racism is a mental disorder”

says Hip-Hop Artist and fellow Transhumanist and

Radical Longevity Activist, Maitreya One.

I agree.

The belief that certain ethnic groups are inherently superior or inferior is not only scientifically unsupported, but morally corrupting, and life threatening to all humans.

In IM’s Issue No. 6, I curated a series of articles that address issues of

systemic racism, health, justice and progress in the context of

Posthumanist and Transhumanist thought.

On a broader sense, it can be said that cognitive biases which stem from a fear-based conscious and subconscious programming, like racism, all lead to self-destructive behaviors which urgently need reforming.

In this issue, Futurist Philosopher Ojochogwu Abdul in his article,

“Smashing Prejudice & Championing Justice: Trahnshumansim and the Re-Setting of Moral Compasses in a Compassionate Brave New World” (Pg. 94)

offers an intelligent and thought provoking criticism of Transhumanism as he focuses on the discussion of the Enlightenment Era paradox and how this relates to

Western’s history of racism and Transhumanism of today,

 expanding on the excellent discussion brought to attention by

World-Leading Metahumanist Philosopher, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

who reminds us that Posthuman philosophy is very helpful to understand

the history of institutional discrimination. For example, Stefan says;

“it is widely shared that a fertilized human egg already counts as a person, but an adult chimpanzee, who is sentient and can recognize himself in the mirror, does not. If suffering is a morally relevant capacity, then this categorization is morally not justified.”

Ojochogwu also introduces the works of philosopher John Rawls and his ideas of distributive justice and principles of fairness towards universal justice and liberalism. Ojochowgu also challenges ideas of genetic enhancement as being

ethically acceptable and justifiable under the condition that such technologies

be used if the most privileged help in subsidizing the genetic enhancement

of the “have nots”. A guiding principle to be followed by

all Transhumanists and Life Extensionists.

 What about sustainable solutions to end racial discrimination?

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