The Seattle based design agency ‘INTERACT’ ( (a design agency focused on AR and wearable’s) has come out of the closet as an openly Transhumanist company.

What does that mean?

Really, that comes down to the philosophy of the founders; the CEO being a hard core Transhumanist. Years ago INTERACT was the largest design, or user experience design, user group in the Northwest. The guys that started that user group, once being prominent in the UX space from their respective jobs, have come together to form a new ‘INTERACT’ as a wearable’s/AR design agency; focused on engineering experiences in design, especially in AR or Augmented Reality.

Currently, they are working on building out an office at a secret location in or around Pioneer Square – Seattle, the exact location of which is a tightly guarded secret, but the agency is planning on re-launching the user group along with opening a Transhumanist library and visitor’s center out of their office. The new office space is expected to be a destination for Transhumanist’s and interested parties; as well as a fun place to focus on the process of engineering experiences for the next generation of digital wearable technology such as HoloLen’s or Meta and other AR based systems.

The company is being funded through a several UI/UX AR/Wearable’s related programs that is focused on funding vertical operations in various segments around big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and UX design and ‘INTERACT’ is a big part of that broader strategy. Interact improves the operationalize of this strategy through the use of its clandestine advanced technology group or ATG.

With the employees all being stars in their particular skill sets, the company is hitting the ground running with more horsepower than most other individual firms in the Seattle area and we are excited to see where it lands.