With transhumanism becoming more prominent in the world, people are looking to see what this movement will bring to table. Fascinating gadgetry? Groundbreaking science? Perhaps it is both, but that shouldn’t be all. A transhumanist is someone who takes care of themselves with a healthy lifestyle and constant intellectual debate. Just because transhumanists are hard at work making a brighter future, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to do so in style. A transhumanist deserves to be as fashionable as everyone else. With this in mind, here are a few ideas on transhumanist fashion:


  1. Functionality is key.

Like anything else in one’s life, there should be a distinct level of functionality within a transhumanist’s attire. This means having the tools necessary to tackle the world, while looking good at the same time. For this, an emphasis on wearable technology is important. Even though it is currently out of our reach, there are some kinds of wearable tech that is currently on the market. One of my personal favorites is the USB cufflink. This handy little gadget goes well with any suit, and serves the dual purpose of being useful while looking sharp. Need to save some data and you’re on the run to an important meeting? The USB cufflink can store the information and keeps you from having to carry flash drives in your pocket.

Another handy gadget is the infamous Google Glass. Despite the controversy over its usage, this neat little device is useful for anyone who likes to dabble with augmented reality (AR) software. The practicality of this device is like a smartphone; limited only by the imagination of the user. Due to the price of the device, I recommend this as a luxury item and not for everybody. There’s no need to break the bank on gadgetry that will soon be replaced.


  1. Stay ahead in the fashion world.

Even though this can be a difficult task for any individual, at least keeping in touch with the fashion and style every now and then will help you to some degree. The reason for this is simple; keeping in touch with what’s in style can help you formulate ideas on your next outfit. You don’t have to off the deep end and go to Milan every time a new show is going on, but occasionally reading a men’s/women’s style magazine doesn’t hurt.

For example, cargo pants have been predicted to become the next big thing for young men. Why, you ask? With phablets becoming more popular every month, conventional pants do not have the pocket space for large phones. Because of their large and numerous pockets, cargo pants make the obvious choice for your “Silicon Valley kid” look. This is a great example of where functionality meets fashion in a technological way.


  1. Develop your own style.

This is obvious enough, but people tend to forget the simplest things. Sometimes, people tend to get caught up in the aesthetics and they forget self-expression is just as important as anything else. This requires a little introspection as to what you like. Do you enjoy the “Silicon Valley kid” look, or are you the corporate type that loves a good suit? Do you like to add a lot of tech to your attire, or are you a minimalist? These types of questions must be asked before planning your new look.

This applies for both genders. For men, the question of conservative/liberal tech usage and suit/streetwear attire will probably be situational. When you’re going to work or at a meeting, a good Ralph Lauren suit with some USB cufflinks will do the trick. You don’t want to cause a disruption, so minimalism is the best solution. After all, I don’t think you don’t want to show up to work with a neuroheadset on. For females, a nice pantsuit or dress by Alexander McQueen will work well with any occasion. A nice armband that is used to fitness reasons can be worn like a bracelet, while a USB necklace can match the armband.

For me, I favor a more minimalist approach. On most days, I’ll wear a pair of cargo pants to put my tablet in and maybe my foc.us headset if I am brave enough to seen wearing it in public. I will wear a suit ever now and then, but being a college student severely restricts my own budget. If you’re like me and stuck with limited funds, don’t sweat it. As stated before, breaking the bank is not necessary for looking good. As long you look good and you’re happy with your wardrobe, all is well.

With these tips, any transhumanist can show how the future can look amazing and fashionable. These tips may not be for everyone and you may not be the type of person who cares about how you look. That’s all right, but if you ever want to look and feel your best they are at your disposal. After all, doesn’t technology go well with fashion? If so, why can’t a transhumanist be fashionable person?


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