Let’s face it, a countries military is there to kill people and break things.  In this world of rogue countries and terrorist states it is important for the modern nation to be able to protect its self with force and the more force the better.  While this tends to make some people uncomfortable, it is also while critically important and can prove to be expensive.  I thought I would go over one project I’m familiar with that is going on that that really will help the modern nation lower military costs will improving military strength and readiness in the chaotic world… and lets face it weapons are cool.

Cyberdyne-robot-suit-HALWhen normally we talk about power armor we are thinking iron man or any number of real power armor projects from medical applications to military but a big problem with these suits is the power requirements.  To make these suits work you need to carry a lot of batteries or be plugged in.  Of these I’ve seem some really impressive artificial limb demos and other really great technology but from a deployment stand point to deploy a suite like iron man is really not practical just from a power consumption standpoint.

One program, I saw some time back, solved these issues while it is unclear what happened to this program I think its the kind of thing we should be funding to help lower our military budgets while at the same time making our military’s more effective at killing the enemy.  The key element was to get rid of the hydraulics and use organic components.  In the systems in question they ended up looking a big bulky, similar to the hero image selected above but what was amazing was the fact that they worked so well.  It would be just inspiring to see these machines walking around and powered by little more the Gatorade.

In this program there was some issues with the horse muscle wearing out and having to keep a lot of horse’s around to harvest their muscle tissue but certainly this is much cheaper on the budget and then we could much heavier troops, larger weapons deployments at lower cost then traditional forces.  This also allows countries with higher technology to really ensure their safety over numbers in terms of deployment further lowering costs.

In terms of muscle selection what was also interesting is that the harvesting of living muscle from the animals is likely also to drive the breading of horses so that there a large enough supply to keep the combat suits with a supply fresh meat.   The one thing that was shocking about that is that the muscles need to be harvested from the animals while alive to prevent issues with the bio chemistry that might be released into the blood when the horses are killed first and then harvested.

While the process struck me as horrifying it really seems an effective use of resources and solves some key technical issues.  The harvest process is really the only part that might strike people as horrific where they line up horses and put them on these IV drip machines to make them sleep and hydrate them so when they cut all the muscle tissue the horses live through that process and are left to die after the muscle tissue is harvested.

This kind of super advanced technology then helps lower costs in AND lowers risk AND allows superior force to be applied when needed and helping to stabilize the world.  This is the kind of out of the box thinking we need more of.

While I can neither confirm nor deny anything in this article or its satirical nature 🙂  it not transhuman technology cool… 🙂

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* hero image used from http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Collector_Armor

* hal suite diagram used from http://thecoolgadgets.com/hybrid-assistive-limb-cyberdyne-robotic-exoskeletons/