The work to give ourselves and our children the chance to choose how long we live continues – it depends on the word getting out.
The Movement for Indefinite Life Extension has launched a new fundraiser to generate advertising dollars.
MORE than 100,000 people a day die from age-related diseases but for the first time science is holding out the possibility that such deaths could be optional: one day we will be able to repair and prevent aging in the body so our lives will not be capped at around 115, but will be healthy and vigorous for indefinitely long.
Achieving this depends on awareness of this reality and money to do the science, and as Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom said in his Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant (, one day we will look back with sadness on the suffering of aging and age-related deaths and wonder what took us so long.
To speed things up, the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension, a well-established campaign organisation supported by many people within longevity science and activism, launched a new fund-raising campaign to buy targeted social media advertising to drive up awareness of people, projects and organizations working whether directly or indirectly to the goal of indefinite life extension – the possibility of living ‘young’ and healthy for as long as you wish, not as long as ‘nature’ dictates.
Anti-aging research has picked up in volume and pace over the past two decades and is now being done across the globe by the likes of Google, the Pasteur Institute and Harvard. However, money spent on root causes of aging is still far less than spent on many other causes such as fighting cancer and yet becoming frail and vulnerable through aging is the main cause of cancer and of most of the other diseases from which people die.
Organisation treasurer Chris Mcauley said:
“Is it worth donating to an advertising campaign? Yes, because increased awareness will turn into increased support for research and development of anti-aging science and medicine around the world, increasing the amount of work that can be done and cutting out the roots of aging so as to save the world’s lives indefinitely into the future. Money towards this potentially helps all seven billion of us if it speeds up the availability and accessibility of anti-aging medicine. Imagine having all the time you like to pursue your dreams and enjoy your life – and being able to offer that option to the children of our world.”
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