In this edition, the top news starts with: 

Adobe is working on a new AI that can detect image manipulation more effectively than humans. 

OpenAI has built a game algorithm system that can interact as a team only through the game and beats other humans with each AI team member not being directly connected. 

Indian ecommerce companies are increasingly growing dependent on AI and VR to remain competitive in the market. 

AI and robotics in manufacturing are becoming increasingly better. 

Companies are looking at creating IPU chips to focus on complex AI problems so that someday a standard computer might come with a CPU, GPU and IPU, or intelligence processing unit. 

Mozilla is adding a new tool to Firefox to identify if users accounts may have been hacked. 

AT&T has a web of facilities for supporting NSA spy operations all over the United States… 

Still no AI ads on Bing, IBM Watson tops Google AI ads. 

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is down at 1521.24, amid fears of an inconsequential world spanning trade war.   

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