in partnership with the ‘Foundation’ have agreed upon a joint venture to create a Transhuman Policy Center.  The Transhuman Policy Center is for now a ‘virtual’ think tank focusing on ‘Policies’ as they are applied to Politics; including the growing ‘Transhumanist Party’ as well as other issues from business, financial markets, academia, humanitarian issues, geopolitical issues and more but from a ‘transhuman’ standpoint.  It is important for the new Policy Center to have a strong review board with political, academic, corporate and of course transhumanist ties; where issues can be reviewed and approved with associated policy details supporting a ‘transhumanist’ approach to solutions to various issues in society. This effort will provide transhumanists support materials for all of these issues ensuring that clear, articulated assets, resources and policy recommendations can be used to address numerous areas as well as drive broader awareness of clear articulated solutions to modern problems.

Please contact us if you would like to be on the review board or if you want to submit a paper you would like reviewed by the Policy Center or if you are interested in other support.

We can be reached via email at