The Foundation in conjunction with the A.G.I. Laboratory announces that the Technocracy Podcast will be entirely AI driven with the internal release of the A.G.I. Lab’s A.I. COG CLI technocracy agent.

The COG CLI Agent that was developed for the Foundation to do trend research, market analysis, sound production, script writing and the like have allowed the Foundation to remove the human element entirely from the loop.

The testing and release of this software have delayed the podcast for a month which starts again under the fully automated program using A.I. entirely.

Additionally, the A.I. engine is now running the podcast independent of humanity.

The AI Agent has been tasked with creating an abstract podcast series of the most important scientific papers on artificial general intelligence as noted by the A.G.I. Lab for the Foundation.

This new series is designed to provide a quick way to come up to speed on the most important papers in the artificial general intelligence field and the wider artificial intelligence sector at large.

As always thank you for listening to the Technocracy and a special thank you for our sponsors the Foundation, and the A.G.I. Laboratory.



(Press) The Technocracy Press Release – the 3rd of September 2018.