This week I’m delighted to bring The Teafaerie (ep. 100) and Ramin Nazer (ep. 120) back to Future Fossils Podcast! These are two of the funniest, weirdest amateur futurists I know, and I hope you agree this discussion was worth the wait while I spent hours making it sound like we didn’t just talk over each other like overexcited dorks for two-plus-hours.

In this episode, we discuss the virtualization of live events as relates to the science fiction of Charles Stross and Hannu Rajaniemi, the stratification of class according to who can afford to be somewhere in person, and my writing on AR and telepresence for H+ Magazine (“Best Seat In The House”) and the Body Hacking Conference Blog (“Being Every Drone”). We talk about the perverse incentives of social media as an outrage generator and surveillance capitalism pit trap, and how we might be able to redesign the social Web so it doesn’t drive us all (even more) insane. Plus:

The world being transformed into an unending series of limnoid events• Having “an affinity for the rapids”• Should we just side with our new AI overlords?• Beyond the Black Mirror• A very curious fan theory about the Flintstones & Jetsons• The Bell Riots in Star Trek DS9• Eternal upload simulation matrix reawakenings

And more, until we all get shut down by a robot in mid-sentence.

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Enjoy, and thanks for listening!