A great way to build community is to start a meetup.

In the Microsoft developer world I used to be really into user groups. One of the user groups I started was {Interact} Seattle, a designer developer interaction group designed help designers and developers learn to work together to build better digital experiences… we used to have 75 to 100 people show up each month. That was 8 years ago and in the time since I learned that I care about transhumanism more the digital experiences and that it was a greater contribution to civilization.

I felt to support transhumanism was more in line with my long term goals and I stepped a way from the Microsoft Developer and User Experience community even after setting up a global organization that still have 12 or so chapters running even after 5 years since I left. But stepping away from that has allowed me to finish the long term goal of building a Foundation to contribute to the long term success of humanity or a segment of it.

So the point of this article is to share some of the resources that I originally collected to help start local user group chapters or meet-ups, wither its movie nights on dystopian futures or book clubs it all helps us become more of a community. I took the developer user group kit I did and edited it for Transhuman meet-up’s and I hope that it can help you put something together in your area and one step at a time we become a movement. With that check it out here:


Please let me know if you have ideas for making this resource better.