A festival of athletic, artistic and scientific visitations from the future featuring theatre, improvisation, interactive experiences, design prototypes, & multimedia performances!

Future sports won’t be a battle of humans vs. robots, but natural vs. enhanced athletes, researchers say. Gone are the days of pity. Who truly has the edge? Test your ability against athletes on the cutting edge of cultural transformation—our modern day super-cyborgs—from Ability 360 Sports + Fitness Center, one of the three biggest parathlete centers in the country. Go head to head with hardcore wheel-chair rugby players or resist the crush of stand-up basketball players on advanced prosthetics to see how you stand up against the fittest and most talented humans on Earth with what were quaintly known in 2016 as “disabilities.”

April 29th, 2016 5-10pm – Wells Fargo Arena

learn more here: http://emerge.asu.edu/


Will big data predict the future? If Moneyball was revolutionary for finding overlooked value in past performance, will coming algorithms reliably anticipate the future?

The future of human enhancement. Featuring today’s astonishing Paralympians whose slogans include “Sport doesn’t care who you are,” and “Disabled or super-human?”

New sport 2040. If the big three sports of the 1920s were baseball, horse-racing and boxing, will 2040 include quidditch on hoverboards? Smart balls? Low G sport on Mars?

The rise of intentional danger in sport 2040. If we conquer concussions and other perils, will some actively seek out more threat in their sport action? “Hunger Games” for real?

Sport and fashion 2040. Color changing? Light canceling? Dynamic camouflage? Shape shifting? Interactive? Invisibility? Not just for players, but especially the fans?

The future of fun 2040. Winning is not everything. Good times matter. A lot. What will future playgrounds for kids and alleged adults and even senior citizens look like?

The future of stadiums. Humans will always love to come together to share intense emotion. What does Las Vegas tell us about the future of our arenas?

The future of simulation and virtuality. Fantasy football and esport are only the beginning. Will sport have as many meanings as Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game”?