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Transhuman Project: Transpire

(London) is a Transhuman blog and project site focused on helping get projects started and moving.¬† The project is run by Kate Levchuk and started in 2019.¬† The thinking is that with help these projects that others submit can… Continue Reading →

ZS updates #1

This is the first in a series of articles giving you news on developments within the Zero State (ZS).   A Work In Progress We just concluded the weekly Cloud Nine meeting on the ZS Discord server, in which we… Continue Reading →

With Victory in Our Spirit – crowdfunding another life extension research activism opportunity

One of the main reasons for driving as many supporters as possible together at the movement for indefinite life extension page¬†, is so that we have more potential to act as a larger united front. Doing this in these… Continue Reading →

Diamond Based Quantum Computer POC Project Start

Project Status: Time to get volunteers and raise money, currently project assets are in process such as this site, a cloud based share and more. Overview: “We propose a profitable means of building a new space economy for the people… Continue Reading →

Ushering in the Diamond Age of Quantum Computing

Abstract: A robust quantum computer could have been affordably built decades ago based on existing technologies. Diamond’s atomic structure is perfectly suited for the optical form of quantum computing. Proton beam lithography will convert areas below the surface of synthetic… Continue Reading →

The “Certificate in Transhumanism” – is back!

NOTE: This Certificate is no longer being Taught.¬† We are currently talking to other professors to possible teach a new version. and Brighter Brains Institute are co-hosting an exciting and unique Certificate in Transhumanism course. The course was first… Continue Reading →

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