Part of what I do is look at where the future is going in the technology space,  if your interested you might reference this article on future technology trends () but the bottom line is that my job is in part to position corporate strategy around where technology is going so that we can take advantage of that.  Part of that is experience focused design and engineering and I used these tools sometime time to create ‘stories’ to help visualize where the technology is going.  I found a couple of these user stories recently that are about 3.5 years old and I thought I would share (these should read like a script).

What hit me is that the technology they are talking about in both really is coming true now and the rest really being commercialized fy15-16.  Give it say 5 years to really saturate the market at the commercial level with many of these.

User Story 1 – a day in the life of Gerry


Gerry is enjoying the crisp morning air as he walks to the bus stop. He takes out his mini slate and taps the bus stop sign post. He looks at the screen of his handheld device.

DEVICE: The 72 bus will arrive in 1 minute

DEVICE : Notification: Your contact George is on the next bus (72 Express), which arrives in 6 minutes.


George is listening to an audio book while riding on the bus.

DEVICE: Notification: Your contact Gerry is getting on this bus at the next stop.

George pauses the audio book. He then removes his headphones and then moves to a seat which has a free seat next to it.

The bus comes to a stop and Gerry is seen by George.

GEORGE; “Hey.”

GERRY, “Hello. Thanks for saving me a seat.”


The 72 Express pulls up to the stop. The bus door opens and people begin to exit. Gerry steps down while talking to George. George is following behind Gerry.

GERRY, “It was good to run in to you.”

GEORGE, “Yeah. I’ll see you at happy hour on Friday!”

Gerry puts a Bluetooth headset device in to his ear. He starts walking toward his work. Enjoying his walk he is distracted as he approaches an intersection.

DEVICE VOICE: Warning! A tram is coming through this intersection.

This causes Gerry to snap out of it and step back away from the curb. The tram then passes by. After which he proceeds to cross the street and enter the building on the opposite side. The lobby of the building is old marble with many large paintings decorating the interior. As the camera pans around, some of the famous paintings transition in to other works of art.

GERRY, “What’s my schedule for today?”

DEVICE VOICE, “You have eight meetings today. At nine AM Discussion of next vertical approach.

At ten AM Let’s meet to talk about the launch.

At ten thirty AM RFP discussion”

Gerry appears irritated and interrupts the device.

GERRY, “Display near me.”

The art nearest to the elevator door slides to the side of the screen revealing his schedule. He walks up to the screen and touches the display sliding his daily schedule up and down a bit.

GERRY, “Thanks, Done.”

The screen slides back to show all of the art. The elevator dings and the door slides open. John enters the elevator


Walking into his office, where the doors recognizes him and unlocks. He sits is mini slate on a little raised square on his desk and his desk comes alive as the frosted glass panel lights up his desktop environment then a laser projected keyboard shows up on his glass desk and his silver blue neon ‘stark’ mouse lights without wires or batteries.


John comes in and they are talking about some project at works and needs a copy of something on the screen. John holds his mini slate up to the panel on Gerry’s desk and Gerry flicks the content to it and the content shows up on John slate.

User Story 2 – Cloud Power

Jill, is so excited waiting for the new game to come out. The new game though is only available in X store that sells the best and coolest wet ware and slates. Since she is a big fan she is standing in line at the opening day of sales at the store. As Jill is standing in line with friends talking about how awesome to be in this new game she turns to the glass on the front of the store and asks, will there be enough to for me to get one from our friend Jane that is not here. The digital projection on the glass morphs to the face of a store associate and turns to Jill and says, “Absolutely Jill, the new game is large enough for everyone but you have to physically be here so we can put her on your slate. You still have 45 credits from our loyalty program you can use towards the purchase as well.”

<fade out>

Jill is so excited as she purchases the new game, swiping her mini slate to pay for it and the game shows up on her slate with one she can give away. Jill touches to her mini slate to confirm and the game starts installing.

<fade out>

So excited to get Jane on board she hopes in her car puts her mini slate in its cradle and says, “Jane’s work please”. The car drives her to Jane’s office, where Jill hopes out and walks into the lobby and sees Jane at her desk near reception and says smiling “check it out, I got the game! Here check it out” Jill taps her mini slate to Jane’s slate on her desk and the game installs on Jane’s slate.

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