Artificial Intelligence empowers the world increasingly, and that power grows at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, like any other valuable and scarce resource, it is subject to profit-harvesting silos that seek to make it artificially even more scarce and only for their purposes, which pay little attention to the common good. The AGI Laboratory believes that AI resources should be a public utility, accessible to and developed by everybody.

Artificial General Intelligence Inc., therefore, introduced COG in 2017 to bootstrap an economically viable resource exchange around Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) related resources and services. A large part of this was to allow the free management of resources between systems. The intent is to create a community of such systems that can consume and negotiate resource usage on the blockchain. This community of systems will bring AGI resources to the world as a general-purpose utility. COG tokens not only allow sales of cognitive services and consulting—hosting across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform, and others—but COG tokens will also enable you to participate in new community prediction and governance markets, as these tokens will grant you voting rights and resources in efforts ranging from research to altogether new resource development as well as service access.

The mission of AGI Laboratory with COG is to build a community of experts, consultants, and automated tools that can take on any intellectual and information assessment job, in the process building a repository of knowledge and new tools that can be re-used and improved by anyone. Kaggle, a leading data sciences firm, is superb for the few who can afford to run a high-reward contest and the top-tier teams that can benefit—but despite the Kaggle community’s yeoman efforts to help newcomers, little of the knowledge and tools are retained from contest to contest.

AGI Laboratory will accomplish community re-use and education via an infrastructure of easy-to-use mix-and-match General Intelligence qualia. No intimate familiarity with disparate systems and programming languages will be necessary. The tools bootstrapped by the COG community are easily accessible. In particular, and to start with, we will build an economy of blockchain-based smart contracts that facilitate the processes of buying resources, managing contracts or bounties for creating new tools, and offering cognitive services and products as well as resource certifications.

Why COG Tokens?

COG Tokens provide humans and AI a medium for managing essential resources dynamically. The tokens enable far easier automation and removal of humans from the equation of cloud and machine-learning resource management.

What do COG tokens do?

While COG tokens provide standard smart contract token functionality, they also allow humans and AI systems to manage blocks of resources directly on the blockchain (versus other less secure methods). The COG Token is further designed to extend blockchain functionality. We can add to or extend the token with our token architecture creating new ERC20 tokens on the COG blockchain.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence refers to systems that apply “machine learning” principles, typically in narrow application domains. AI engages in activities like playing chess or complex advanced data analysis and deep learning applications, or more recently, voice applications telling you the latest in weather and reminding you what you need to do that day.

What is AGI?

AGI is Artificial General Intelligence. Where AI is limited to specific applications, AGI systems can be applied generally for any application. A human being is a functional example of a General Intelligence like an AGI.

What are COG Tokens?

COG Tokens are Proof-of-Stake fork of the Ethereum codebase and include the smart contract that represents operational resources such as machine-learning Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or external cloud-hosted assets which support a token extension framework.

COG Tokens and Business

COG Tokens convert AI cloud systems into a commodity utility. This utility will enable your business and ours.

What does the token do?

COGs assign and access cloud-based resources such as Azure-based Machine Learning web services, cloud-based neural network systems, or custom visual analysis. COGs orchestrate these systems around any business need.

Cloud Resource Access

Increasingly prevalent cloud services enable more machine-learning, big-data, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI technologies, which COG will exploit by providing greatly simplified AGI automation interfaces to them. The competitive advantage is much greater cost-effectiveness for users.

Resource Management

Resource management is key. COG’s most important function is resource management. All other functions are related to this function. This includes Cloud-based resources such as databases or REST services-to-cognitive machine learning services that will help us evolve artificial intelligence into a publicly accessible utility managed by COG interaction.

Manage Research Allocation

COG is a medium for the community to guide our research team’s agenda. Because Artificial General Intelligence should be driven by public interest, COG will flourish outside of the sales and marketing constraints of a university or large companies. Everyone should drive AGI. Via COG, it will be. Research agenda and research voting are done via COG.


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