Are we evolving into new species with hybrid thinking interlinked into the Global Mind? At what point will the Web may become self-aware? Or is it already? Once our neocortices are seamlessly connected to the Web, how will that feel like to step up one level above human consciousness to global consciousness?

In his book “The Global Brain” Howard Bloom argues that humans are a lot like neurons of the “global connectome”, and the coming Internet of Things (IoT) with trillions of sensors around the planet will become effectively the nervous system of Earth.

According to Gaia hypothesis by James Lovelock, we have always been an integral part of this “Meta-Mind”, collective consciousness, global adaptive and self-regulating system while tapping into vast resources of information pooling and at the same time having a “shared hallucination”, we call reality.

With exponential technological advances we become increasingly and intimately interconnected. As Kevin Kelly says “Within the next 5,000 days of the Internet, we’ll create a global neural network, which for a lack of a better word, we can call the ONE”, a living conscous entity, a single mind of billions of hyperconnected individuals with a whole array of sensory apparatus. Thus, the One will get a major eyesight upgrade when the humans will get their first bionic Internet-enabled contact lenses.

Even when we wage wars or have conflicting opinions, it’s nothing less than the Global Mind having an internal dialogue, testing different ideas and hypotheses. It’s like we sometimes have this dialogue with ourselves, weighing different options, pros and cons, having an “angel” on one shoulder and a “demon” on the other.

What kind of sensation would you experience when your brain is directly connected to this global hive mind? Sublime amplification, cognitive ecstasy and new horizons of perception, all of which would result in EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS and the END OF SUFFERING from our human condition!

Think about it, what really magnifies our human experience is when we share that experience, right? That’s why we go to a movie theater, stadium or rave party. That’s why we form communities, families, companies and other social groups.

Through technologically-mediated telepathy (synthetic telepathy) we’ll most probably reinvent our communication. Verbal language will be gradually replaced with thoughts traveling at the speed of light (or faster).

We’re rapidly approaching a pivotal moment in our history, as many scientists call Singularity, Transcendence or Omega Point, (OMG! Point :)) when we may become so much more, and one version of it – Singular planetary consciousness. Or are we already?

The first singularity, according to Kevin Kelly, occurred 50,000 years ago with the invention of Language. THE INVENTION OF LANGUAGE gave early humans a huge evolutionary advantage over other hominid species. We’re on the verge of the next technological singularity which will rewire the Global Brain with IoT when everything gets linked with everything else and MATTER BECOMES MIND.

No doubt, in not-so-distant future we’ll augment our intelligence millionfold, billionfold by merging with artificial intelligence and achieve Godlike state and abilities. As Ray Kurzweil says in his book “Singularity is near”, “…from there we’ll spread our intelligence through the rest of the Universe… and the Universe essentially wakes up”. Or Jason Silva likes to say “We’ll impregnate the Universe with our intelligence”.

We can also create myriads of virtual worlds for research and entertainment. We love our imperfections so no matter how perfect we’ll become we can explore this side of us in virtualities. Well, we may be part of that simulation already!

In his famous “Simulation Argument” Nick Bostrom comes to a conclusion that “We most certainly live in some kind of ancestor simulation” through logical reasoning. He postulates: “There is only one of three possibilities that must be true: 1.All civilizations go extinct before reaching technological maturity; 2.Technologically-mature civilizations ban or refuse ancestor simulations; 3. WE ARE MOST CERTAINLY LIVE IN ANCESTOR SIMULATION”. Chances are astronomically in favor of the simulated virtual reality universe which is so much easier to create than the “real physical universe”.

Tom Campbell, the author of “My big TOE” (Theory of Everything) says that the Virtual Reality model of the Universe is simply “better physics”, which can explain most observable phenomena and give answers to “hard problems” of science and metaphysics.

So, if we’re simulated people (sentient holograms) in this Virtual Universe, we ARE part of some sort of sophisticated computer program of our posthuman descendants. But ultimately WE ARE ONE SINGULAR CONSCIOUSNESS actualizing its experience and computing itself through billions of lives.

By mid-century when the Singularity occurs we don’t need the world’s government anymore, as many of us envision, the singular conscious Meta-Mind (call it “Commonality”) will govern our civilization, our planet(s) without borders, and beyond.

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