Although artificial intelligence has been one of the major tech topics in the past several years, the first “smart” computers can be traced back to the middle of the 20th century.

As technology advanced and scientists and engineers continued to gather knowledge on how to make more intelligent machines, the AI of today came to be on a whole other level.

We like discussing interesting topics in the technology world, and here we will take a look at AI trends we can expect in the future.

Automated Transport Will Save Lives

There are already many prototypes of AI autonomous vehicles, and the goal is that all cars in the future will be self-driven and powered by smart technology. This will result in safer traffic that could ultimately save thousands of lives. Apart from putting fewer lives at risks, these vehicles will be able to save us a lot of time and energy that we spend in our everyday commute.

Use of Cyborgs in the Medical Industry

Cyborgs were once only a subject of science fiction novels and movies, but they will be quite real in the near future. Robotic limbs may not be as advanced as we would like them to be at the moment. But in several years, we’ll be able to connect our artificial body parts to our brains and control them realistically.

AI Can Go Where We Cannot

Smart robots can withstand harsh conditions and explore difficult-to-reach locations like the bottom of an ocean, for example. More so, we’ll be able to send more robots into space and put them on exploration tasks on nearby planets.

Finding a Solution to Climate Change

Climate change is affecting every single one of us, and we are running out of time to find proper solutions. By using big data, AI supercomputers can more quickly process vital information and provide accurate answers.

AI Pets as New Companions

AI pets already exist, but they are expected to be even better in the future. Especially popular in Japan, these cute robots can actually understand and react to human emotion.

by guest author Tarun Reddy;