(In the Cloud) One of the projects we have been supporting is this ‘Bias Foundation Project’.  Their web site described the project as “The Cognitive Bias Foundation is an Open Source collaborative project designed to help document and understand methods to identify cognitive bias and provide resources for identification. Five organizations are currently involved, a number which we’re happy to expand.”

Earlier today they released a simple open-source tool to help build and classifier bias in sentences to go along with their first public build of bias training data for anyone to download and play with.

Please help get the project more material that can use and add to their material for testing and training various systems.  The data is available to the public and any contribution to the data gets you listed in the open license.  I know Rob the chatbot guy is interested in bias data for his project and we know of one other and then the ICOM research program and we’d love to work with anyone that cares about bias.  Please donate one sentence that has a bias in it here:


and you can check out the Bias Classifier tool here: