By the Interim Chairperson of the Transhuman National Committee of the United States

Let us face it, Transhumanism is an Ideology, an ideology about ‘transcending’ our biology, of being more than we are, of being ethically and morally bound to help those around us.  I would argue it is an ideology that sets the value of Intelligence and our moral and ethical obligations to support the further development of intelligence, above even our own selfish wants.  Transhumanism is an ideology of freedom, of support, of kindness; and THIS is the place to which we as the TNC of the United States, is focused on developing that ideology to encourage the use of the resources of the government of the United States in our individual constituencies for the improvement of all.

It is through small incremental changes we can make a difference.

We are about peace, sound logical action, education, protecting our resources that belong to everyone and helping as many as possible move forward and advance in life.

So where are we going into 2016?

In the United States, ‘Transhumanism’ is becoming more and more a ‘thing’ that is slowly becoming a house hold term.  Hollywood had picked it up (notably in several movies) and the early adopter demographic and the rapidly advancing technology hitting the consumer market is driving the ideas that spawn transhumanist thinking more and more.  Combined with an increasing public awareness of the need for ‘green’ technologies the stage is set for Transhumanism as a movement.

The TNC is set with its emerging organization to take advantage of the situation, with various software projects in the works to support a registration campaign, a public fund raising campaign, a formal virtual convention and formal/legal organization and various lobby efforts as a PAC while also pushing for a political movement and future organization as a national party.  All of these are being planned and the registration campaign would be live by mid-January.

As an organization, we are set to be entirely virtualized running in the cloud by the end of January and with the fund raising campaign we will have the funds to support the organization legally, including additional legal counsel, to media efforts and lobby support.  By the end of 2016 we will be known in at least one city, namely Washington DC as an up and coming PAC and we will to see actual effects on policy decisions around our emerging platform.  While our official platform is not yet ‘official’, it is clear that we as a community stand behind longevity and supporting life extension and related technologies as much as possible.  We support paid education through college for everyone and the general raising of the standard of living through ideas like a universal basic income that we can afford if not actually save money over existing government expenditures.  The fact that we could potentially save money in the federal government’s budget by switching out things like food stamps and other welfare programs with a straight up universal income is out right asinine that we even got to that point where it is a valid statement.  Wasteful spending and pork barrel politics’ creating military programs that the military didn’t even want, like say the F-35 program would save billions in a situation where the government is financially underwater which is by itself completely irresponsible and both major parties are at fault.

Never mind transhumanism,  as “Americans” this sort of thing should be an outrage and it is as Transhumanists through a unified effort like the TNC that we can make a difference.  Please help, by getting the word out, by volunteering by helping any way you can and let us make this new year 2016 the best ever for Transhumanism!


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